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Friday, November 2, 2007


(by SuperDummy

This is my letter to the world,
That never wrote to me,--
The simple news that Nature told,
With tender majesty.

Her message is committed
To hands I cannot see;
For love of her, sweet countrymen,
Judge tenderly of me!

---Emily Dickenson---

Hey dudes & dudettes,

I guess they think I'm as dumb as I look. Diebold took my vote, the talk shows took my voice. I think they call them talk shows because they can't listen. Rupert took my newspapers. Big Oil took my paycheck. Big money's got my ass in debt till I die, the Economic Hit Man took my foreign policy. And then Clarence Thomas put a pubic hair in my constitution. And I'm sitting here like a superhero on a log listening to the news and the UN's committee on climate change says CO2's increased 35% more than the scientists predicted this year. Like, duh! Computers been underestimating greenhouse stuff by 100% to 500% the past fifty years and before that they said, global warming? What global warming? Now they tell me we're close to the tipping point where global warming accelerates faster & faster and can't be reversed. So does that mean we're already past the tipping point? What color emergency is that, and what am I supposed to do....uh lessee, make like a Hollywood B movie and DRIVE out of it? Yeah, drive faster, Superdummy, hell ain't half full. I listen to the scientists on C & N tell Senator McCain a feedback loop is like: the ice melts, the sun doesn't get reflected, the ground heats up, the ocean gets warmer, plankton die, give off more CO2 which holds more heat, and it goes on & on, like, the hotter it gets, the faster it can get hotter. And then the oceans boil and it's like Venus, 800 degrees in the shade except there isn't any shade. Well hey, it's not like it was the end of the world! OKAYYYY!? OKAYYYYY!?

Then Al Gore talks about reducing the greenhouse gases we're emitting by 80% by 2050. What's that supposed to do? And what about population growth? If cars can get twice as many miles per gallon and we have three times as many cars, are we making progress? SO...which of us is insane? And what can I do? If the guy's right who said, to choose is to live, the choices the little guy gets these days, I might as well be dead.

I FEEL like I'm dead. I read about amazing new inventions, CO2 absorbers, thin film photovoltaics, electric cars, "smokestack algae biofuels"....companies are already growing algae which take 35% of the smokestack CO2 and make biodiesel and ethanol from it and you don't need farmland, or tractors or fertilizers or pesticides and you don't have to haul the stuff because the plants are scattered out. I call the Troubleshooter Show, the Ed Schultz show, even NPR Science Friday. No answer or sorry no unerstan english. The pundits go on yammering about corn and switchgrass and the gummint goes on pouring billions into oil and oil wars. I write my rep or the newspaper and get a form letter. People are protesting and getting gassed in the streets, and who's listening even to them? Am I dead, or is this one of those dreams where you open your mouth to scream but no sound comes out?

I got a truck that ran on ethanol. That was OK but biodiesel was cleaner in the big picture. So I got two trucks that run on biodiesel. Then I bought the equipment to run straight vegetable oil or waste vegetable oil because that eliminates the processing. The daily grind won't let me install it yet, but maybe someday. At least now when the pump opens its mouth to swallow my Working Assets credit card Big Oil and Big War and that clown in the president's chair get less and green business gets more. When I get another call on a walk-in freezer that's down and I gotta go do or die for Miss America's right to go out to eat, at least some of the money I pay Working Assets to use my cell phone goes to green businesses and doesn't go to Verizon's union busting, invasions of privacy, and red state republican ecological nastiness. HELLO! VERIZON? CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW!? Nope, they still send me kissey huggey love letters offering me more discounts. What do I have to do to make them understand, it's not about the money. That's THEIR deal. I say give em the goddam money, the money's not important. Like dude! Just give us back our EARTH. Sorry, you're gonna haveta talk louder than that Superdummy, can't hear you. Or whyncha just faggedabout your precious little crusade to save people from themselves?

Yeah OK I'm a dummy. I didn't stop there. I signed up with CitizenReThinkReNu so they could put solar panels on my roof and become my power company for 1 to 25 years. They said I'd save money because they'd lock in my present rate, but I figure Big Oil will conspire to keep the price of oil competitive, and anyway the loss of the use of my $500 deposit (of course I get it back but) is gonna be hard to offset. Yeah it's stupid. Looks like we're gonna burn up anyway, and it's just gonna cost me a little extra to put some expensive shade on my roof, but it's the right thing to do, and don't worry bout me, my lack of brain cells just makes me happier anyhow. And the little guy shouldn't forget the little things, so I changed the lightbulbs, got energy efficent appliances, bought organic local produce, grew sprouts, got a hand crank wheatgrass juicer and wheatgrass grow kit online and also buy flats of wheatgrass when I don't have time and trim them just right so a few of them are still growing while I'm juicing the latest one. Somebody's bound to notice that. Sure. Like another fart in hell!

There’s another feedback loop to start by NOT contributing to (NOT voting your $$$ on)

(Would that be a negative or a positive feedback loop? I’m confused.)

Rush sponsors:

Hannity Sponsors:

Media Matters action center:

analyze this bilge:

Or join Rep. Henry Waxman and “Battleground Democrats” at:

Yeah I'm voting by giving or withholding my money and it at least counts a little in the other direction now, but the number crunchers can't see anything except Big Money and they can't watch that past the quarterly earnings report. And the feedback loops can't hear me until we at least get back to Piltdown Man levels of greenhouse gasses. I'm still opening my mouth but no sound comes out. Then I ask myself, what if there was a letter? A letter that lists these choices, and gets other choices added to it, and it gets sent to your friends and they send it to their friends and it just goes on and on like Voyager thru cyberspace? Pretty soon the number crunchers start to notice. A beautiful green feedback loop starts to balance the destructive feedback loops of global warming. And by the time it cuts the economic legs out from under the Iraq war, it'll be Exxon, Halliburton and Darth Vader Jr. instead of the rest of us not noticing until it's too late. .Get enough numbers together and even the idiots controlling the media will have to report both on the direness of the emergency and the brilliant remedies they've so far ignored. All it would take is one little letter, the right letter. And that's a real hassle.

I can't write that letter. I'm too stupid, remember? And I got too many scruples. I can't say, send this letter on because if you do, good things will happen to you and if you don't, bad things will happen to you. I can't say that because I don't know that. If I was a smart politician I could, but if I was that smart I wouldn't have to work for a living at this soul sucking job. But maybe until we find the smartypants who CAN write the letter, we could send this one out instead? And someday maybe hundreds of versions would be going out, all together screaming, HELLO! CAN YOU HEAR US NOW!? And then KA POW! GA ZING! ZONK! THRASH! SMANG! WHACKO! the money changers are thrown out of the bar on their butts!

O sure, Superdummy, you say, but if it's already too late, why bother? Why not just blow everything on one big party? Ever hear that old saying, "Anything done long enough becomes agony?" And did you ever ask yourself if parties are really all that much fun? I knew a woman who dreamed she was at a party having a blast and some people in another room were whispering,

"It still hurts."

Pain is one of the few real things left. So I choose to be awake thru the whole operation.

And I dunno about you but I'm TIRED of working for assholes. If I'm gonna die in a firey holocaust I don't want to go there supporting the idiocy that started the fire in the first place. I'm not THAT dumb yet. I think we were community before we were individuals, and at the end we see what our real community looks like, and the natural community still has everything to say about that. Yeah it could already be too late, but generations before us wondered if they could grow old before the world ended. I think of the Dark Ages, the Black Plague, the random gropings of our flawed & failing founding fathers who had no model for the country they were creating, the Dust Bowl, the times during WW II when it looked like we would lose, and we got by on perseverance, random strokes of genius and dumb luck. And I don't think it's ever possible to say the word DUMB loud enough.

So isn't this the same damn DUMB chance we've always had?

And like we always have to say, FOR NOW, could you send this letter on, (and on) and send the choices you'd like to add back to me at:

I’ll collect and send them on…….(and on)


Yer Old Pal,




If humanity could see past her vanity, what would she see? The human race is parasitic and needs to be cleansed from the planet, perhaps the universe. It's sad. I've often thought people are better than they are

"The leech's kiss

The squid's embrace

The prurient ape's defiling touch

and do you like the human race

no, not much" -Huxley

Comment by evanidsghost
11/18/2007 @ 11:02 am

Thanks for looking down on the whole world and judging all us poor working stiff's lives & hard times & condemning them. Hope you & Huxley feel better now. Hitler only judged a race, you managed to shitcan a whole species in just a few words. Did somebody die and leave you pope? How do you look through everybody's life and soul throughout history, and say they're nothing but crap, in the face of libraries full of adventures in consiousness and courage in the face of impossible odds? If only Superdummy could be like you, then he wouldn't be just another poor schmuckoid wannabe superhero, he could really be somebody. BUUTTT the poor fool thinks he wants to do something positive, have a plan, start an ANTI global warming feedback loop.....for the children, if no one else, who've done nothing wrong and are just trying to save a little piece of the world from ALL the negative generalities of those who're older and wiser than THEY are....HOPE, PLAN, DO SOMETHING! Ridiculous. Worst possible strategy you can have in an emergency. Far better to be passive, sit around in some Cafe' en ze boulevaaarrrd and GLOWERRRR at ze booobwaughzzheee & die in an orgy of fear & self loathing. I'm with you, man, whaddawe do NEXT!!??

Comment by superdummy
11/19/2007 @ 8:54 am

Yes, or course you're right. It's just that I've involved myself in many campaigns through the years - mostly environmental - and watched the planet steadily deteriorate at an accelerating pace. I guess that's a reason to try harder, not give up. Your optimism and positive attitude is respected and my post was not intended to criticize you in any way. I'm just tired, and frustrated with people - especially my own countrymen/women. BTW: we won a few of those campaigns, so all wasn't lost. The pressure is off some creatures (at least a bit) and people more fully understand the consequences of radiation in the environment (somewhat). Thanks for your efforts. We need more people like you

Comment by evanidsghost
11/20/2007 @ 7:06 am

And YOU are right, my friend. (forgive my presumption, but we do seem to be on the same side in this fight.) Things ARE bad out there. And if we don't want to continue the negative generalities of others in & out of the media we need to look at EXACTLY how bad things are. And we need to look at ALL possible solutions, no matter how strange they may seem at first. Yes, efforts in the past have failed. Jimmy Carter warned us in the 80s that "Energy conservation is the moral equivalent of war." He was right, it will take a WW II type of national/worldwide mobilization). He was laughed at, and in a senseless, negative, symbolic gesture, some idiot named Ronald Regan took down the solar panels Jimmy had installed on the roof of the White House. But there is (always) how bad things are: "Fire!" and then there is our reaction (people trampled & killed all trying to get out of the theater at the same time). How many drivers are killed overreacting to a skid or a sharp turn? A minor mechanical failure yesterday, produced a panic reaction (generalizing, all or nothing thinking) in me, which caused a chain of misfortunes infinitely greater than the original incident. An almost universal principle of therapy, mechanical or spiritual repair: get the information, diagnose the problem, "Just the facts, ma'am.", What happened, how did I react, what was the result, WHY?!, and finally, "It is what it is." No matter what happens we have to LOOK! and (take it out and) look at it--- over and over, until we find the distance that can make us whole. At the risk of overreacting here, sometimes our choices literally do boil down to "Which hill do you want to die on? and: What would you rather die doing?" I believe all our intelligence comes from the intelligence of nature which has created innumerable intelligences equal to, & possibly greater than ours (not a hard bar to get over). (On a good day, I can sometimes even believe that intelligence that created us is all we need to take care of us.) BTW Thank you for your good letter. Because talk helps us. Because we are community before we are individual and our community is part & parcel of the community of nature. I choose to dedicate my life to the service of that community, while recognizing I have a snowball's chance in hell of making a dent in the mass consciousness that has served us so badly in the past. Why else, Inspector Jergens, do you think everybody keeps saying, "This looks like a job for SUPERDUMMY!"?????

Comment by superdummy
11/20/2007 @ 8:50 am

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